'The Dilemma' star Kevin James has confirmed his wife is pregnant with their third child.

The 45-year-old actor - who already has daughters Sienna-Marie, five and Shea, three with Steffiana De La Cruz - admitted his wife was expecting after rumours at the premiere of 'The Dilemma' in Chicago last week.

Speaking on 'The Today Show' in the US, Kevin said there was a baby "on the way".

Discussing fatherhood in the past, the comedy star said he had become less uptight about his family following the birth of his second child Shea.

He said: "You kinda loosen up with the second child a little bit, which is nice.

"The first child, I remember they just give it to you at the hospital, you're supposed to put her in the car seat and drive home. I was 10-2 on the wheel in the right lane 30 miles an hour on the highway with the flashers going. Second kid, I had the top down. I was steering with my knees."