It looks as though Kevin Hart will be taking his inspiration from Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Russell Brand when it comes to hosting MTV's Video Music Awards tonight (September 6, 2012). In a video interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hart revealed that he won't be taking any prisoners during tonight's high profile awards show. "I want to basically set myself apart from the pack," says Kevin. "How do I make this event mine? How do I make this event talked about for years to come? The only way to do that is to offend people. ... That's what people remember."
One Direction? Rihanna? Taylor Swift? You have been warned! Kevin Hart isn't one to pull any punches and it sounds as though he's going all out for the VMAs. During the interview, Hart joked that he was very demanding when they asked him to take on the hosting role "Here's the thing. I'm expensive. You don't just get Kevin Hart. OK? You want the whole shebang, it's gonna cost you." He continued: "They basically gave me everything I wanted. I got 57 pairs of Chucks, I got every white t-shirt on the planet. I'm happy." Hart also reveals that he's a fan of Barack Obama (or O-Beezy, as he likes to call him), so he'll be happy with Mtv's decision to host the event an hour earlier so that viewers can switch channels to catch the President's all-important speech from the Dnc later tonight.
Hart hasn't revealed exactly who he'll be offending, but he did send out a warning that he'll be paying particular focus on the things that Mtv told him not to talk about. Someone at Mtv will be hovering their finger over that 3-second delay button tonight, then?