Kevin Hart's ex-wife wants to co-parent the child he is having with Eniko Parrish.

The 'Central Intelligence' star's current spouse Eniko is expecting their child and his former partner Torrei Hart is keen to be involved in the baby's life.

She said: ''I have baby fever, but I don't want any more kids. I wanna be able to love on this baby just like they're loving on the baby. With co-parenting, you have to get it right so it's not a weird thing. I just want peace.''

Torrei publicly slammed Kevin when she claimed ''lies and infidelity'' ended their marriage.

She had said at the time: ''When I met him, he was selling sneakers. He started to get fame and I'm kind of feeling a little left behind. We grew apart ... I have an ex-husband who has repeatedly used me in his stand-up routines. For years, I had to endure that.''

But now, she wants to keep a civil relationship with Kevin and his wife Eniko for the sake of her children, Hendrix, 10, and Heaven, 12, who she shares with Kevin.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ''It's not always easy. It takes time and both parties have to be willing and wanting. And here's the thing: It's up and down. It's like any relationship. Some days it'll be great, and then there will be some days one little thing could trigger it and you gotta just reset. You just have to learn how to deal with it.''

Meanwhile, Kevin previously revealed that Eniko is ready to give birth.

He said: ''She's about to drop. My wife sneezes wrong, she's gonna have that baby right now - right now. She sneezes, that baby's coming out. So, I just keep telling her, 'Hold it.' That's what I keep telling her: 'Hold it!'

''She's trying to dance the baby out. I told her to sit down. It can't come out yet. I got two more things to do then that baby can come out. Don't have this baby while I'm at this event, or I'm running this marathon. Don't you do that. Because then I gotta stop everything and get back to the baby.''