Kevin Hart won't let his daughter be a comedian.

The 'Central Intelligence' actor - who has son Hendrix and 11-year-old daughter Heaven with his former partner Torrei - has admitted he has made a ''daddy decision'' and forbids his daughter from following in his footsteps until she is 18 years old.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his child and her aspirations, the funny man said: ''It's not going to happen.

''My daughter's in love with comedy. She's actually very funny -- she has it. She has funny in her.

''My daughter wants to be an entertainer so bad, I'm just holding her back until she's 18

''I made a daddy decision to hold her back until she's of age and then we can pursue whatever dream we want.''

And the father of two - who is set to marry his current girlfriend Eniko Parrish in August this year - has revealed he doesn't want his children to grow up too soon and wants them to focus on their youth, education and having funny.

The 36-year-old explained: ''[I want them] to enjoy being a kid.

''I've seen a lot of these kid stars, I've seen the way they come out when they're adults.

''You don't want that warped mind mentality.

''The ratio of ones that do and ones that don't is higher.

''Right now, let's knock off the important stuff first.''

Meanwhile, the American actor - who is developing grey hair - believes his ''old age'' is turning him into a bad superhero, who didn't make it into a Marvel comic.

Speaking previously, he said: ''I'm turning into Morgan Freeman. I don't know what's going on. I think my older age is just going straight to my hair ... It's weird because only half of it goes grey, so it's like I turn into this weird villain that didn't make it to Marvel.

''I have to dye it to black, [but] only when I have events. Other than that I don't care. It is what it is.''