Kevin Hart has survived a ''serious airplane scare''.

The 38-year-old comedian took to Instagram to praise the pilot of his latest flight after one of the jet's tyres burst as the plane was coming into land on Thursday (03.05.18), and ''s**t got real'', but thankfully no one was harmed.

Kevin shared a picture of himself with pals next to the jet's tyre and added the caption: ''God is Good with a capital G...Had our first serious Airplane scare today. Our planes tire busted on one side as we were landing and s**t got real for a second. No body was harmed...Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. Once again God is GOOD!!!! #Blessed ....P.S you Can tell that spank is still shaken up by the way he is posing (sic)''

Kevin was coming into Boston Logan International Airport when the incident occurred, and he later took to his Snapchat to share video footage of the burst tyre and show firefighters attending the scene.

In his Snap, the 'Ride Along' star admitted the landing was ''crazy'' and that he was ''safe and sound'', and insisted he has always believed he is being ''protected'' by something.

He said: ''Your boy got angels on his back. I've got real life angels on my back. I'm protected. I truly believe it. I always have. When things like this happen it's confirmation. Confirmation.

''Good is good. So is live. Insane.''

The runway had to be temporarily closed following the incident.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement to PEOPLE: ''A Gulfstream IV aircraft landed at Boston Logan International Airport at 3:29 pm and blew a left main gear tyre.

''Passengers were deplaned by stairs and the aircraft was towed to the ramp.

''The runway was closed temporarily to make sure all debris was cleared.''