Kevin Hart has said it's ''scary'' dealing with his daughter having crushes.

The 37-year-old actor is father to 12-year-old daughter Heaven and nine-year-old son Hendrix - both of whom he has with his ex-wife Torrei Hart - and has said he's finding it ''tough'' to cope with Heaven's interest in boys now that she's less than a year away from becoming a teenager.

He said: ''It's scary stuff. It's about to get tough. She's already tough. She's having a soccer-themed party. 'OK honey.' The word 'no' does not exist, no matter how tired you are.

''She actually talks to me [about boys], which makes me mad but I can't let her know that because she's comfortably with telling me.

''[She's like] 'I think I like this guy, this boy. He's nice. He's cool. I just want you to know because I just want to tell you stuff.'''

And whilst the 'Jumanji' star joked that he'd ''find the boy'', he said he's thankful he and his children have good ''communication'', even if it means dealing with subjects where he doesn't have a ''tonne of experience''.

He added: ''This is the first time I'm dealing with this, so it's not like I have a ton of experience. My mom had two boys. It was me and my brothers, so this is me dealing with a girl at a different level. I mean this is my heart. I don't want to prohibit things, but she is a child, so you make sure she understands the parameters that she can and can't do.

''We're living in different times, so the way you could prohibit things back in the day, it's different now. The internet gives kids access to anything and everything.

''Communication is extremely important, and that's what my daughter and I have. I love that.''

The 'Central Intelligence' actor isn't always a strict dad, as he admits he often finds himself laughing at the mistakes his children make.

He told E! News: ''I laugh a lot at stuff at first, but then I give my dad speech. But you can't let them see you laugh.''