Kevin Hart's wife has been trying to ''dance'' their baby out.

The 38-year-old comedian and his wife Eniko Parrish are expecting their first child together any day now, and whilst Eniko is keen to welcome the tot - which is expected to be a son whom they've named Kenzo - into the world as soon as possible, Kevin has joked he'd like to get his work commitments out of the way first.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' before running the New York City marathon on Sunday (05.11.17), the 'Central Intelligence' star said: ''She's about to drop. My wife sneezes wrong, she's gonna have that baby right now - right now. She sneezes, that baby's coming out. So, I just keep telling her, 'Hold it.' That's what I keep telling her. 'Hold it!'

''She's trying to dance the baby out. I told her to sit down. It can't come out yet. I got two more things to do then that baby can come out. Don't have this baby while I'm at this event, or I'm running this marathon. Don't you do that. Because then I gotta stop everything and get back to the baby.''

But the 'Ride Along' actor - who already has 12-year-old daughter Heaven and 10-year-old son Hendrix with his ex-wife Torrei Hart - can't wait to become a father for the third time, and says his two kids are ''excited'' to become older siblings to their new baby brother.

He added: ''You know, to have another addition to the family, especially a boy, the last name Hart lives on. It's an amazing thing - my third child. And it's a time when you gotta look and be thankful for the blessings that you have, and more importantly, at the smiles I now get to see on a daily basis, you know. Both of my kids are excited, she's excited. That's the best thing for me. That's the biggest gift that I could ask for. Nothing else comes close so, you know, we're praying for a healthy delivery, healthy baby and I think smooth sailing from there on forth.''