Actor/comedian Kevin Hart's late mum helped him become more spiritual by hiding rent hand-out cheques in his Bible.

The Ride Along star quit his job as a shoe salesman to pursue his comedy career and his mother offered to cover his rent for a year as long as he didn't turn his back on God.

He tells Oprah Winfrey, "I told my mum, 'This is what I want to do'. She said, 'Kevin, you know what, I'm not a dream killer. If you're telling me this is what you want to do, I'm going to let you do it'. She said, 'You got one year to prove to me that this is what you want to do to support yourself'."

He adds, "Six months go by and I'm not really making a lot of money, but I'm loving it... I haven't paid my rent in, like, a month (and) I'm like, 'Mom, where's the rent at?' She's like, 'Are you reading your Bible?' I'm like, 'Mom I don't have time to talk about that, come on I'm late with the rent money'. She says, 'When you read your Bible, we'll talk about rent'."

A month later, stubborn Hart still had not picked up the Bible and was facing eviction fro unpaid rent when he agreed to meet up with him mother one afternoon.

He continues, "(Afterwards, I open the Bible up (and) six rent cheques fall out... I felt like the biggest jerk, so I sat there and tried to read... That was the first time I had read from the Bible, and I said, 'Mom, I'm sorry, I just opened up the Bible'. She said, 'I asked you to read it because you need to remain faithful throughout your journey'."

The moment sparked an epiphany in the 34 year old and he vowed to ramp up his efforts and repay his mother back the money she had given him - and become more spiritual.

After signing a $125,000 (Gbp78,125) deal with ABC network, he cut his mum a cheque for the amount she gave him for rent, plus interest.

Hart's mother passed away from cancer in 2006.