The Ride Along star fears society is trying to soften the hard knocks in life for youngsters, and he fears kids today are missing out on a chance to deal with problems that will help them later on.

"I believe in the whole anti-bullying thing but, as a kid, I think you need a little bit of drama," Kevin tells WENN. "I don't like that people are trying to make these kids' lives perfect. You need to go through something; you need to build character. And with situations that make you feel uncomfortable come life lessons.

"I got two kids myself (sic). I'm hoping my son gets into some stuff at a young age where he can come and talk to me about it and I go, 'Hey man, figure it out. You're gonna have to figure it out on your own'. You don't want the kid that's 18 and gets into his first fight and comes back to you (and says), 'Dad, she hit me in the back of the head and that's when everything fell apart!'

"I don't want to shelter my kids, and I think with society today we're putting up this big glass 'don't, don't, don't'. You can't stop these things from happening. You can lessen it and communicate, but you're not gonna stop it overall. Just make sure that your people around you understand their self worth and their value."

And he never wants to fight his kids' battles for them after watching his father get beaten up when he was young.

"I saw my dad lose a fight when he was trying to show me what to do!" Hart adds. "He said, 'You don't let nobody push you around (sic)!'

"He got into it with this guy and me and my brother were in the car (sic). He said, 'You handle yourselves at all times; you be a man!' I remember my dad getting out of his car and this guy hit my dad with two of the hardest punches I've ever seen in my life. So the lesson I heard here was, 'Duck and get outta the way if it's coming!'"