The 2 Phones musician, real name Kevin Gilyard, had completed five months of a six month sentence he received for kicking a female fan at a concert in 2015, and was due to be released one month early on Friday (24Mar17).

According to editors at, as the 31-year-old's release was being processed by authorities at Polk County Jail in Florida, they found an outstanding weapons related warrant and he was returned to prison.

A hearing relating to Gilyard's outstanding warrant will also reportedly take place on Friday (24Mar17).

He was originally jailed after an incident at Rumor's Nite Club in Lakeland, Florida in 2015 when audience member Miranda Dixon appeared to tug at his shorts mid-performance.

In video footage of the incident, Gates looked to have struck the woman in her abdomen with his foot, and he was convicted of battery last year (Oct16), receiving a 180 day sentence and one year of probation.