Kevin Feige thinks Taika Waititi has helped to bring a ''new sensibility'' to the 'Thor' franchise.

The President of Marvel Studios was seeking to take the movie series in a new direction with the appointment of the 42-year-old director, and Kevin believes Taika was the perfect candidate to helm 'Thor: Ragnarok', which has been hailed by critics.

Kevin shared: ''We wanted a new sensibility. If you look at everything Chris [Hemsworth] has done, as this character, there have been moments of humour, throughout, and we wanted to build on that.

''If you look at the movie, it's got the epic action and it's got Thor arguably more powerful than he's ever been, in any of the films, with his powers going up against the Hulk, but at the same time, it's embracing what Mr. Hemsworth does, better than anyone up until now has ever been able to see, which is expanding his acting chops to comedy, in an amazing way.''

Kevin said Taika gave the movie's star-studded cast - which also included Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo - a freedom to explore the plot in a new and creative way.

He told Collider: ''Taika gave the cast the confidence to explore that and to try things, and most of that is in the movie because it was on story, and yet, at the same time, it expanded each of their characters.''

Chris, 34, also hailed Taika's influence, saying he brought something totally new to the franchise.

He explained: ''I think we all had a vision and an idea, and a want to do something vastly different than what we'd done before, and take it to a different place.

''That meant doing away with what we knew and just reinventing it, and it all came from his crazy, wonderful brain, his inspiration, and him pushing us, every day on set.''