THE QUEEN will join overnight sensations Kevin Federline and LARRY BIRKHEAD at the Kentucky Derby weekend (05-06May07). The famous ex-lovers will be among the diverse crowd at the 133-year-old horse race. Britney Spears' ex admits he was thrilled to be invited to last night's glitzy Barnstable Brown Party, which traditionally opens the famous sports event, and can't wait to join other celebrities at the Derby itself. He tells People magazine, "I am so excited to attend the Kentucky Derby this year and am honoured that the Barnstable Brown Family personally invited me. "I've wanted to go for the past few years, so I am taking the opportunity and going to enjoy attending the race, going to the black tie galas and enjoying the whole experience. "It's such a great tradition, and I'm glad I can be a part of it." Birkhead had special memories at the Barnstable Brown Party last night - it's where he met Anna Nicole Smith, the future mother of his child, Dannielynn, in 2004.