Kevin Federline has congratulated his former wife Britney Spears on her recent engagement to new beau Jason Trawick. The pair married in 2004 but divorced five years later after a stormy relationship.
The producer, rapper and backing dancer said his ex-wife is "in a good place" at the moment, telling Australia's TV Week magazine, "She's happy. She's doing really well ... The engagement is a good step in the right direction. I'm totally happy for her". Federline, who is currently dating Victoria Prince, takes care of his and Britney's children Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5. He says Britney's new fiance will be a welcome addition to the clan and has already made an impression on the children, saying, "I think he's a great guy.The kids speak highly of him. Her family loves him". In October 2007, a court ruling granted Federline physical custody of his children, after which an incident allegedly took place at Britney's home when the singer became reluctant to relinquish custody. Despite rumors of a continuing rifts between the pair, Kevin claims it tore his "heart to pieces" to watch Spears struggle, saying, "It was tough.I'm so glad it's over and I get to leave it behind".
Britney and Trawick got engaged in Las Vegas last week, though it is unclear whether they have a wedding date in mind.