A spokesperson for the Hark Rock Hotel in Las Vegas has slammed tabloid reports Kevin Federline took drugs and invited strippers to his suite during his marriage to Britney Spears. America's National Enquirer and Britain's News Of The World report prostitute DANIELLE COAKLEY spent a weekend with the aspiring rapper in the hotel in January (06), while stripper VANESSA HULIHAN claims Federline wanted to leave Spears to be with her. Coakley, 20, says she partied with Federline while Spears was pregnant with their second child JAYDEN JAMES. She says, "Kevin was a real party animal. We went to two casinos then went back to his hotel suite in Vegas. There were lots of drugs - cocaine, weed and ecstasy. "We shared an E in his limo on the way then passed out on his bed." Hulihan explains, "Kevin said we could be together if he wasn't married. Another time I went to his hotel suite and the tub was full of strippers. However, Hard Rock representative JEFF BEACHER denies the women's claims, telling the Las Vegas Review Journal, "Anyone that can take a stripper and a hooker seriously obviously has their own issues. "We were with Kevin all weekend - no drugs and no girls." Spears filed for divorce from Federline on Tuesday (07NOV06) after two years of marriage.