Kevin Federline's lawyer has suggested the rapper's ex, Britney Spears, stop taking their kids out in public - if she wants to avoid upsetting his client. Attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan admits his recent emergency court hearing requests, which have stripped Spears of custody rights in recent weeks, came about after he and Federline saw footage of the pop star acting erratically with her young sons. The most recent film that upset the lawyer and his client featured Spears running a red light with her kids in the backseat. Kaplan says, "No one feels good about anyone running a red light. The unfortunate thing is when that kind of overwhelming presence of paparazzi happens with some frequency, people tend to make judgment calls which may or may not be the best. "I think the best idea is to do whatever one can to avoid the opportunity for that to occur. "My client (Federline) takes great means to not having the children with him in public and having paparazzi surround him."