Kevin Federline has been left red-faced by his own driver after he ran through a stop sign at the exact same busy intersection where the dancer's ex-wife Britney Spears ran a red light last week (ends16Nov07). And the couple's eldest son, Sean Preston, was in the back. Spears was banned from driving with her kids in the car after footage of her running a red light on Coldwater Canyon surfaced recently, and now the car safety of Federline's driver is being called into question. He was spotted ignoring the stop sign before the lights Spears ran through after picking up two-year-old Sean Preston from his mother's Mulholland Drive home on Tuesday night (20Nov07). A witness to the driving crime says, "The driver slowed a little but he was never going to stop, as you're supposed to. "It's crazy that this should happen just days after Britney was banned for driving with the kids in the car. It seems the couple's young sons aren't safe with anyone behind the wheel!"