Aspiring rapper Kevin Federline hit New York City over the weekend (ends05NOV06) to promote his new album PLAYING WITH FIRE, but his pop star wife Britney Spears was nowhere to be seen. Although Spears was also in New York City, the couple didn't appear together once in public and she didn't attend any of Federline's events. Federline made an appearance on MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE on Thursday afternoon (02NOV06) and later hit a launch party for designer Tom Ford's new fragrance Black Orchid. On Friday night (03NOV06) he had his album release party at Manhattan hotspot Stereo and partied with his entourage until 3 am. The following night, he kicked off his promotional tour with a concert at Webster Hall, but only managed to play one set. According to American publication People, Federline was supposed to play a second set at 11 pm, but took the stage at 1:35 am to tell the audience there would be no second act, citing equipment trouble. He then tried to appease the crowd saying, "Everyone get drunk! That's what I'm going to do!"