Fast-food workers are slinging hash at a planned Super Bowl commercial by Nationwide Insurance featuring Kevin Federline as a rap superstar. At the end of the ad, it's revealed that Federline is only day-dreaming and that in reality he's a fry cook at a hamburger joint. The National Restaurant Association has protested the spot, claiming that it suggests that working in a fast-food restaurant is "demeaning and unpleasant." The Associated Press quoted several teenage fast-food employees who insisted that they work hard for a living. "Everybody starts from the bottom," said one. "He Just Married into it," referring to Federline's recently ended marriage to singer Britney Spears. Federline had previously been a pizza delivery boy. In an interview with the A.P., Nationwide spokesman Eric Hardgrove said, "In this commercial we are using a humorous characterization of Kevin Federline's life to encourage others to prepare for sudden changes in their lives."