Movie star Kevin Costner is set to star in the US indie comedy Swing Vote based on a spoof US election.

Costner's character holds the key vote in a presidential run-off and can decide the fate of the election by the way he casts his ballot.

The film will be produced by Costner's new company Treehouse and run with his producing partner Jim Wilson.

Swing Vote will be the first production to come out of this new venture and will be sold at Cannes film festival with filming set to begin in the summer.

Costner told Variety: "Treehouse will give me [the] opportunity to shepherd projects from the ground up, with the goal of aligning partners of a like mind. Swing Vote fits right into that mould."

The film will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern, who has only previously directed one film  Neverwas  which was entered into the Toronto film festival.

Costner last starred alongside Ashton Kutcher in the Guardian, but he has recently completed Mr Brooks, a thriller alongside Demi Moore.

08/05/2007 16:42:55