Hollywood star Kevin Costner wanted DIANA, Princess Of Wales to star in a sequel to his hit movie The Bodyguard.

The DANCES WITH WOLVES star has sensationally revealed he held talks with the princess - who was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997 - about becoming a big screen star, after approaching her through his pal the Duchess of York, SARAH FERGUSON.

Costner wanted Diana to replace singer Whitney Houston in a follow up to the 1992 smash hit - and insisted it didn't matter that she'd never acted before.

He says, "She was considering it.

"I told her I would make it so she wouldn't be exposed to anything bad. I was going to take care of her."

After Diana's death, Costner scrapped plans for a Bodyguard sequel.

He explains, "If you tell someone you can only make a movie because they're going to be in it, how can you make it later if they can't do it? I'd rather do something else."

22/07/2003 02:20