All eyes in the Usa are undoubtedly going to be on the return of Kevin Costner to TV screens after a long absence, as the star's mini-series 'Hatfields and MCCoys' begins on the History channel tonight. The show stars Costner alongside Bill Paxton, with the former also having a hand in the music accompanying the show. The director is Kevin Reynolds; a long-time friend of Costner, he's directed several of the stars most well-known roles including 1991's hugely well-received 'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves' and the not so well-received 'Waterworld' in 1995.
'Hatfields and MCCoys' concerns the tale of two rival families who were prominent in America during the civil war, with the story being that one Hatfield defected from the Confederate side during the skirmish and set about making himself a successful businessman in the country, something that irritated one of the MCCoys - a former friend of Hatfield. The New York Times claims that one of the Hatfields had also been accused of illicit relations with a dog by another MCCoy, so there was already a somewhat understandable tension between the two sides.
So that is what the mini-series will focus on (the tale of the defection and not the dog, we presume,) with the 'Times already uttering their worries about it, saying "The mini-series's main problem is that six-hour running time. Filling it means that more attention than necessary is paid to things like an interfamily love affair, and legal and political wrangling, that are of historical interest but distract from the real business at hand, which is Hatfields and MCCoys shooting at one another."