Actor Kevin Costner had no interest in playing Clark Kent's dad in new film Man Of Steel when he was first approached about the role because he was not a fan of Superman as a kid.

The Bodyguard star portrays the superhero's earth-bound dad Jonathan Kent in the upcoming movie, but Costner reveals he almost turned down the role because he wasn't a die-hard fan, like most of his co-stars.

During an appearance on U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly and Michael on Thursday (13Jun13), he said, "I don't fall into that circle of people who like these kinds of movies. I know it's, like, sacrilegious or whatever, but when I was a kid, I didn't believe in him flying. I kinda knew he didn't because I tried, I went off the couch and I went off the roof and it didn't happen. I knew the bullets didn't bounce off (his body)."

The veteran movie star ultimately signed up for the project in a bid to work with 300 director Zack Snyder, and he's convinced viewers will be happy with the final product.

He added, "I didn't believe in the superheroes, but I got a chance to be in this movie with, I think, a real visionary director, Zack. He made a really big movie, probably the biggest movie that I will ever be a part of, and... for those that he made this movie for specifically, I think they're going to be really satisfied because he did not leave anything to chance.

"We filmed it two years ago... and I saw it finally and I thought, 'Wow! Who does this?' It was so good. I mean he made an epic movie."