Movie star Kevin Costner has vowed never to attend another Super Bowl - because he hated his experience at the big game last year (14).

The actor was promoting football film Draft Day and thought it would be a good idea to be seen at the game, but once he was there, he realised he prefers to watch sports on Tv at home - on his own.

Costner says, "I like it on Tv and I like it pretty quickly... I wanna watch every play... I will not go to a party.

"I did Draft Day last year and being part of the promotion, they said, 'Hey, go to the Super Bowl' - and I was miserable there.

"I had a suite but I wanna be close... I don't wanna even be there in person. I like the replay, I like all of it. It's kinda boring but that's how I watch sports. And I'm not really wild about people talking to me (while I watch)."

Costner insists he will be watching Sunday's (01Feb15) Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks on Tv and admits he hasn't got a favourite team, but thinks Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is an "interesting" player.