The 61-year-old actor stars alongside Gal in upcoming movie Criminal. The film tells the story of Kevin's ex-convict character who is implanted with the memories of a dead CIA agent in order to finish an assignment.

Wonder Woman actress Gal stars as the agent's wife Jill Pope, and the very first time she was acquainted with her co-star, they had to shoot one of the film's more violent scenes.

"I showed up with long hair and I go, ‘Hi I’m Kevin’ and the director goes, we aren’t doing that scene," Kevin said during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night (11Apr16). "So I go away, come back and go, ‘Hi I’m Kevin, I’m going to assault you’. I’m going to start off by taping you and throwing a sock in your mouth and then I’m going to have my way with you…"

Kevin has been acting since he was in college, and has starred in movies such as Dances With Wolves and The Bodyguard. If he wasn't a successful actor, Kevin admits he has no idea what career he would have gone in to.

"It’s such a strange business we have and thank god we have it because I don’t know what I would do," he laughed.

Kevin added during the interview with Seth that he will be making a new western movie next year (17). While he didn't go into plot details, he revealed during a recent chat with WENN that he is hoping to focus the film on frontierswomen and the hardships they had to face.

"It's very heavy and hard on women but so beautifully written that you'll actually go, 'I wonder if I'd have made it through that time?'" he said.

"I desperately want to start it next May (17). I know if I make it and you watch it that you will see yourself in it; how easily you got compromised.

"I know my great-grandmother was worked to death by my great-grandfather. She was just 43 and died and gave him 13 kids in Oklahoma. Women in the west, they were worked to death and it wasn't easy for them."