The Dances with Wolves actor and executives of the Treehouse Films production company filed a lawsuit against Chinese financier Kylin Pictures and unnamed defendants at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday (25Oct16), claiming they have removed Costner from their project Shanghai Sojourners without paying him.

According to the legal document, Treehouse Films and Beacon Films, headed by Armyan Bernstein, signed a contract with Kylin in April (16) to produce the World War Two-based film, which is reportedly about a Chinese woman who falls in love with an exiled European Jewish man and then helps to plot his escape from China.

The plaintiffs were also allegedly set to receive a combined $3 million (£2.5 million) producing fee and a share of profits.

However, by August (16), they were told Kylin "no longer wanted Costner, Treehouse, Beacon or Bernstein to be involved in the production."

Costner claims he had already begun work on the film, including rewriting the screenplay, and Kylin Pictures chiefs used his name to sell the project to investors at the Shanghai International Film Festival in June (16).

The plaintiffs are seeking $3.85 million in damages plus producer credits and a share of the profits if the film is made. They have requested a jury trial, according to The Hollywood Reporter.