Hollywood veteran Kevin Costner is auctioning off a selection of personal items and film memorabilia to help an employee at his South Dakota tourist attraction cover his college costs.

The actor was moved by the story of 47-year-old Lakota tribe interpreter Phillip Red Bird Frame, who is determined to return to school to study sociology and obtain his degree, and he has offered up items including his childhood baseball and bat, and a sports jacket he wore in 1988 film Bull Durham to help raise funds.

Chief David Bald Eagle, head of the Minnicoujou Tribe, has also donated some of his movie keepsakes, including a signed copy of Errol Flynn's Captain Blood, in which he appeared as the actor's bodyguard, and a signed buckskin shirt he wore for the picture.

Frame, who works at Costner's Tatanka: Story of the Bison museum near the city of Deadwood, is flattered by the stars' generosity and he tells local publication the Rapid City Journal, "I am humbled but that's too small of a word. I am obviously appreciative that I am getting this chance to help other people through Mr. Costner and Chief Bald Eagle."

The sale will take place at Lead's Dakota Plains Auctions on Saturday (21Sep13).