Robert Taylor has scored rave reviews for his role as Sheriff Walt Longmire in Craig Johnson's new A&E series 'Longmire'. The network has commissioned 10 episodes of the show, which comes hot on the heels of Kevin Costner's western series 'Hatfields & MCCoys', which also scored impressive reviews this week.

Robert Taylor plays the brooding Longmire - a Sheriff who the New York Daily News say "never uses two words when one will do, or when silence will suffice". The show is a contemporary crime series based on the Walt Longmire Mystery novels by author Craig Johnson. It also stars actress Katee Sackhoff, playing a city girl who is thrust into police duties in Wyoming after moving there for family reasons. Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Sackhoff explained the differences between acting in Longmire and her best known role in Battlestar Galactica, saying, "I love being outside.And it's kind of nice to not be in a flight suit.But what drew me to Battlestar is the people being confined in a small space. What drew me to Longmire is people being confined in a huge space, but having this small-town mentality where everyone still knows each other. It's a big space but it's a small space".

The season premiere of the show is set to debut on A&B on June 2, 2012.