Hollywood star Kevin Costner is shunning the prospect of relaxing after his wedding - he's planning a three-day marathon of sport once he's walked down the aisle.

The TIN CUP actor, 48 - who will marry his girlfriend CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER in September (04) - will invite guests to partake in a range of sports, including canoeing and American football, on his 165-acre (67-hectare) Colorado ranch.

Sports fanatic Costner, who met his future wife-to-be on a golf course, says, "We may even stage a full rodeo. It'll be a hoot."

The OSCAR-winning actor and director has been dating Baumgartner for four years. He has three children with ex-wife CINDY.

On getting married for a second time, Costner adds, "All I know is you can't be afraid of love."

18/01/2004 20:56