Kevin Costner needed romance tips from his teenage daughter LILY to make sure his marriage proposal to longtime girlfriend Christine Baumgartner was perfect.

The movie star thought getting approval from his kids would be the most difficult part of the proposal, only to find that he hadn't thought the big moment through.

He explains, "I thought I had it worked out and then I told my 16-year-old. She was very excited and I thought, 'That's good.'

"Then she started to ask me, 'Have you done this, and have you done that,' and I said, 'No.' She said, 'You'd better get busy.'

"She said, 'You should start with some candles and stuff.' I realised I was looking at my 16-year-old and I was nodding and taking notes.

"Then I did what every man in the world does when you do fall in love and the title of girlfriend just isn't enough anymore."

But he fears his wife-to-be knew what was coming before he took a knee.

He adds, "Things looked a little different in the bedroom because I took Lily's advice and Chris was like, 'This is going to be an interesting night.'"

08/08/2003 19:03