Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Costner has defended his 1997 sci-fi flop THE POSTMAN and hopes people will still watch it as it lives on in VHS and DVD format.

Costner directed and starred in the $80 million (GBP44 million) budget movie, which was critically panned and only grossed $17.5 million (GBP9.7 million) in the American box office.

The Open Range actor remains protective over his film, in which he plays a heroic drifter, and insists it is "not a bad movie".

Costner says, "I like The Postman. I really like it.

"I hope people who have never seen the movie will check it out for themselves.

"That movie was a fairytale. The mistake I made was not having a scene where somebody opens a book and says, 'Once upon a time... 30 years in the future.'

"I like The Postman. I'm not turning my back on it. I know what a bad movie is and it's not a bad movie."

12/03/2004 19:15