Hollywood actor Kevin Costner is preparing for his autumn (04) wedding to belle CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER - by building a new house for the couple in Aspen, Colorado.

The happy couple have been supervising construction of the new house on Costner's ranch, where close to 500 guests are expected for the big day.

And Costner plans to make the new construction his permanent home once the festivities are over, turning his back on life in Hollywood for good.

He says, "LA is not my favourite place to be. It doesn't really fit my lifestyle. I dive. I scuba. I spearfish.

"I like getting up and getting on my tractor and working all day. For those that say 'oh yeah, sure' well, you probably

couldn't keep up with me. But I do spend eight to 10 hours a day out there. I just like it."

11/01/2004 21:26