Movie pals Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins have fond memories of filming BULL DURHAM together - because they enjoyed watching director Ron Shelton beat up producers.

Shelton made his directorial debut with the beloved baseball movie and admits he wasn't totally familiar with the studio system.

Robbins recalls, "We were watching the dailies and all of a sudden we hear this commotion behind us and Ron has got this guy up against the wall saying 'You ever talk to one of my actors again I'll f**king kill you.'

"That guy he's got up against the wall is in a position to fire the director. Kevin turned to me and said, 'Oh my God, he's turned into CUJO."

Shelton still recalls that moment on the set of the 1988 movie: "I thought, 'It's not the producer's job to talk to the actors. It's the producer's job to talk to the studio. It's my job to talk to the actors.'"

14/08/2003 09:18