The tech guys at Google have spent their valuable time making an online game of sorts, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon works on the presupposed idea that everyone is connected to each other by a maximum of 6 people.

Now you can type in Bacon number and the name of any given celebrity, for instance: Bacon Number Simon Pegg, and you’ll get an official score for your chosen celeb (Pegg’s Bacon Number is 2, by the way.) Given that Kevin Bacon has appeared in so many movies – he has 74 credits!- his prolific career has led him to be involved in such a game. "If you think about search in the traditional sense, for years it has been to try and match, find pages and sources where you would find the text," said Yossi Mattias, Engineering Director and Head of the Israeli Engineering Center.

Most Bacon Numbers are very low. Ryan Gosling's is just one, Barack Obama's is two and Al Jolson - whose last acting credit was in 1939 - has a Bacon number of just three. "It's interesting that this small-world phenomena when applied to the world of actors actually shows that in most cases, most actors aren't that far apart from each other," Matias said. "And most of them have a relatively small Bacon number." Good luck trying to find an actor with a high Bacon Number, and feel free to comment with yours below.