Actor Kevin Bacon struggled to film scenes for sci-fi movie hollow man because his eyes "hurt like hell" from wearing oversized contact lenses.
The Footloose star played a biologist working on an invisibility serum in the 2000 film and he had to don special body paint and costume pieces to become a "green screen" for his special effects shots.
But Bacon admits wearing a latex mask was one of his biggest problems on set - because he was forced to use a straw to sip his drinks.
He tells Details magazine, "(Director) Paul Verhoeven wanted my shape, and he wanted the other actors to be able to play scenes with me. My whole body was painted green or blue or black, because I was the green screen.
"I had giant green contacts - they hurt like hell - and green dentures. At one point, the character makes a latex mask of himself, and we shot for a couple of months with this thing glued to my face. I could only drink through a straw."