Kevin Bacon fears his daughter will need therapy after seeing him in 'Footloose'.

The 52-year-old actor - who has Travis, 21, and Sosie, 19, with wife Kyra Sedgwick - is worried his younger child will be appalled and embarrassed after she recently saw a scene from the iconic 1984 movie, in which Kevin donned extremely tight trousers to play teenage rebel Ren McCormack.

He said: "Actually my daughter texted me just last night - I mean she's never seen it but she just happened to have watched there's a scene in the movie where I'm just dancing in a warehouse and she just happened to see it.

"I don't know what else to say about that, I mean, those pants could not have gotten any tighter if we tried! She might need to go into therapy! I think mostly because of the colour of those pants - acid wash 80s thing - dreadful."

Kevin also admitted the film's director, Herbert Ross, insisted on taking Steps to ensure the actor's already-uncomfortable trousers were made even tighter.

He explained in an interview with Absolute Radio's Breakfast Show host Christian O'Connell: "I remember that when we were shooting those scenes I was wearing those pants and I could hardly get them on. Then all of a sudden the director came over and was like' let's get clips on the back of those pants, tighten them up a little! They fixed those massive bulldog clips to the back of them."