Movie actor Kevin Bacon has defended his penchant for full-frontal nudity in many of his films - notably in sexy 1998 thriller Wild Things.

The FOOTLOOSE star has a scene in the Neve Campbell movie where his character steps out of the bathroom - revealing a previously hidden part of his anatomy.

Kevin defends himself, "The guy was getting out of the shower. I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I generally don't wear a bathing suit when I'm in the shower.

"There's always that kind of prerequisite ass shot in movies these days, it just happens to be mine."

And although he's repeated the nudity in more film roles, Kevin insists he doesn't deliberately seek out parts that require him to show off his.

He adds, "It's not like I walk on the set or have a meeting with the writers and say, 'Where's my nude scene?'

"You'll be happy to know I'm not naked in my next two films... Well as far as I know, that is."

19/05/2003 17:20