The six degrees of Kevin Bacon, we've all played it; a comedy game which takes from the six degrees of separation - a theory by which every human being is theoretically just six steps away, by introduction, from any other person on earth - it sees people use the Hollywood actor as the starting point and attempt to link him to any other thespian past or present. It's a great one for parties, so they say.

Well Google, those cheeky so and sos, have been having a bit of fun with it on their search engine. What you do is simple; type in any celebrity's name alongside the words "Bacon Number" and, bang! You find out what that celebrity's Bacon Number is. It's something that Google have worked with alongside the Hollywood actor, and is a potentially dangerous bit of fun that's had us spending much of the day poring through every single celebrity known to us.

"If you think about search in the traditional sense, for years it has been to try and match, find pages and sources where you would find the text," said Yossi Matias, the Engineering Director and Head of the Israeli Engrineering Center who came up with the project, to The Hollywood Reporter. "It's interesting that this small-world phenomena when applied to the world of actors actually shows that in most cases, most actors aren't that far apart from each other. And most of them have a relatively small Bacon number."