Actor Kevin Bacon hopes to use the internet game named after him, SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON, to launch a major Internet environmental campaign.

In the game, players have six links to get from Bacon to another actor - his name was chosen because it sounds similar to 'separation' (JOHN GUARE play SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION) and because he has appeared alongside most of Hollywood.

Over time, Bacon has learned to accept his link to the game and now owns the domain name, with which he hopes to spark an environmental crusade.

He explains, "Someday I want the site to address that very issue - that people don't know what to do (about the environment).

"A lot of times I go, 'I should be consuming less. I should be thinking less about living in me, in my head.'"

And he admits his peers constantly encourage him to do more: "I look at Bono and Bob Geldof, Sharon Stone and Elton John; it's amazing the kind of work that they do."