FOOTLOOSE star Kevin Bacon is paranoid whenever his dog sees him naked - because he fears the pooch will bite his genitals.

The actor and his wife Kyra Sedgwick recently acquired PAULY and are loving the dog-owning experience.

But Bacon finds Pauly's love for chewy toys a cause for concern.

Sedgwick says, "(Pauly) loves to catch frisbees and catch balls and he loves rubber chew toys. And Kev, knowing this, whenever he's walking around naked, always says, 'This is not a rubber chew toy,' for fear that the dog might get confused.

"I've always thought, 'Honey, what is it with boys and that?' They think everyone wants it!

"I thought he was unduly paranoid about it and then one day he was playing with the dog - thankfully he had on a bathing suit - and at one point the dog put his head in his lap and I heard Kev scream and say, 'That is not a rubber chew toy!' I guess he got a little confused."

22/07/2005 09:30