Actor Kevin Bacon has penned a new tune about his disappointment at being snubbed by Playboy. The Footloose star thought his dream of appearing in the pages of the men's magazine had been realised when the publication picked him for their lead interview. Bacon, who fronts rock act The Bacon Brothers, had always hoped to feature in the magazine - and was thrilled when the opportunity came knocking. But his big interview was not to be - Playboy called the actor's agent and explained the star was "too old". Bacon explains, "One of my dreams was just to be a subject of a Playboy interview because I just spent so much time with Playboy. "I would see those black and white pictures of stars like Telly Savalas or Lee Majors and I'd think to myself, 'Maybe someday I could be up there.' "I got a call from my publicist and he said I was gonna be the subject of Playboy... and then he called me up two weeks later and said, 'They made a change in management and they said you're too old.' "I realised at that moment that I was too old for Playboy and that was a rude awakening, so I wrote this song, Too Old For Playboy, because my brother Michael and I have this motto that if something goes wrong you write a song about it."