Actor Kevin Bacon was left in awe after recently watching his screen test for Footloose - because he was surprised by how much ambition he had.
Bacon's role as Ren MCCormack in the 1984 movie propelled him to superstardom, and he took a trip down memory lane after producer Craig Zadan handed him his audition video.
And the star admits he was stunned to see how much effort he put in to impressing the film's bosses.
He tells Details magazine, "Craig Zadan, one of the producers... actually found my screen test in a vault and sent it to me.
"What had been going on back then was the producers and the director wanted me, but the head of the studio famously said, 'He's just not f**kable.' So they went and did their own screen test.
"Watching it, I got a chance to see this kid with this hunger and ambition and energy. There were parts of myself that I didn't even recognise. You could just see that I was going to f**kin' go in there and kill it."