Kesha is struggling to get to grips with her role on new U.S. Tv talent contest Rising Star because she hates crushing the dreams of aspiring singers.

The TiK ToK hitmaker is one of the celebrity panellists on the new series, which began airing in America last month (Jun14), alongside Brad Paisley, Josh Groban and Ludacris.

Kesha helps influence the viewers' votes by choosing who stays and who goes, but she is finding the job harder than she thought.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's difficult for me to say 'no' - as you've probably noticed, I say 'yes' a lot, but it's because I see young people with a dream, the same dream that I had six years ago. I don't want to s**t all over their dreams!

"I really see that people are really nervous. That is an incredibly nerve-racking thing to stand behind a wall with a camera in your face, and millions of Americans watching and voting on you - that is a terrifying situation to be in, and it really makes or breaks the performer."

Upsetting contestants is not the only thing Kesha has on her mind - she also finds it a challenge not to curse during the shows.

She adds, "I have a potty mouth - like, I like to say f**k a lot. On this show, I really can't or I get in big trouble!"