Ke$ha was sent a bloody knife accompanied with a death threat by a deranged fan.

The 'Die Young' singer received the chilling package in the mail and although she tried to shrug it off she admits it did frighten her.

She told NME magazine: ''What's the weirdest thing I've ever been sent? A bloody knife. One of my fans said if I wasn't his then I would be no one's and he would come and take me. I'm kind of scared he's going to make me into a lamp.''

Ke$ha, 25, does not shy away from the weirder side of life and claims she once drank from a real human heart during a live performance in Australia.

She explained: ''Yeah, that was real too. I did it on stage in Sydney. I think I was hanging out with Alice Cooper too much. I was really inspired. There wasn't any good reason behind it.''

The singer's management try and get her to tone down her behaviour when she gets too crazy, but she doesn't see it as a big deal when she does things like urinating in the street.

The pop star - who releases her new album 'Warrior' later this month - added: ''I got into a lot of trouble with my management for tweeting a picture of me peeing, because I pee on everything. It's not a big deal, it's not like I was pooping.''