Ke$ha's tongue itches when she gets nervous.

The 'Die Young' singer gets stage fright before she has to appear on TV or play a concert, and her nerves make her mouth tingle involuntarily.

She told Australia's 2day FM radio station: ''I get so nervous, my tongue stars itching and I freak out and pace around, and I look like a real moron. Once you hit the stage, it all goes away, but right before it's really f***ing nerve-wracking.''

The 25-year-old pop star has a gold tooth and wanted to get a grill - an ornate and usually jewel encrusted oral veneer - on her bottom set of teeth, but her mother stopped her.

She added: ''I have a grill already for the bottom half of my teeth, but my mom wouldn't let me get it permanently put in because in photos it blacks out my teeth, so it looks like I'm missing my whole set of bottom teeth. But If I lose anymore teeth, they're all going to be gold.''

Ke$ha also opens up how she had sex with a ghost on new track 'Supernatural', and admits she upset her spirit lover when she walked out on him.

She said: ''I ended up having to leave the house, because it was just so weird, and I could never sleep, and this thing would just wake me up all the time.

''Then the day I was moving out, I found a snake under my pillow.''