Ke$ha has ''the biggest crush'' on Florence Welch.

The 'Die Young' singer was struck by the flame-haired frontwoman of Florence + the Machine when she met her at California's Coachella music festival, and has fancied her ever since.

She said: ''I have the biggest crush on Florence Welch. I met her at Coachella and was like, 'Wow'.''

The 25-year-old star - famed for her raunchy image and party attitude - also talked about throwing parties at her ''wild log cabin,'' and claims she once ended up sleeping in bed with all five members of rock group The Flaming Lips.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I love house parties. I have parties at my house sometimes. I have a house that's in the woods so I invite people over.

''I like having people over to my house and you can do whatever the f**k you want to. My house is like a wild log cabin.

''[My biggest extravagance would] have to be my bed. It's the world's biggest bed. We fitted in The Flaming Lips, plus a couple of my friends plus my cat and myself comfortably.''

While she treats other bands well, Ke$ha admits she's not always as good to her own musicians, especially her guitarist.

She said: ''The other night [I fought] with my guitar player. Whenever I get drunk I punch him in the face.''