Kesha says one of the ''main driving forces in her life now'' is ''opening her heart''.

The 'Rainbow' hitmaker had a rocky few years after being embroiled in a legal battle with producer and record label executive Dr. Luke in court over her contract as well as claiming he drugged her, raped her and emotionally abused her for a decade, something which he vehemently denies, but she is always ''honest'' about what happened.

She said: ''As a woman in music it made me feel more comfortable that I had been honest about my life and what had gone on - what is going on - in my life.

''I feel like a lot of times when you're in entertainment, your job is to just act like everything's perfect all the time. Sometimes behind the scenes it's not. That's one of the main driving forces in my life now. You have no idea what people are going through. It made me want to open my heart and be kind to everyone else, after receiving that kindness.''

And the 32-year-old singer ''feels like the luckiest person in the world'' that she gets to pursue her dream career in music and she doesn't see it as a job.

She added: ''I feel like the luckiest person in the world getting to do what I do. My job is not a job. It's my life. But it was nice to be received and heard with kindness. For a lot of the first two records I put out, I was just used to people talking s**t. That was my normal standard: people being negative and nasty towards me. This made me want to open my heart up.''

Kesha admits she ''wasn't sure'' what people would ''expect'' from her with her new album, 'High Road' and she was ''a little bit confused'' of what she wanted from it herself.

Speaking about her new album, she shared to NME magazine: ''I wasn't sure what people expected from me. I didn't know what I expected from myself. I was a little bit confused. I thought maybe the world would want 'Rainbow' round two, but I just wasn't in the same headspace at all. I felt like that would be disingenuous.''