Kesha used a lot of bright colours in her new make-up range because colour symbolises ''hope, happiness and joy''.

The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker has just unveiled her new beauty range and has revealed why she was inspired by all colours of the rainbow.

She said: ''With my last album, 'Rainbow', the lyrics are 'I used to live in the darkness, and I found a rainbow'. I wanted to represent that physically with the makeup I made, too. Colour symbolises hope, living in happiness and joy and self-acceptance and all the good things. And it also happens to be a symbol for the LGBTQ community ...

''I hope that my makeup line is something people can really have fun with. I love when I see people not conforming to some ideal that society has set up.''

Kesha has been very experimental with her own beauty choices and wants to show people they can be ''sexy'' whatever or whoever they are.

She shared: ''I've bedazzled my face, I've drawn rainbows on my face, I have stuck on adhesives that were meant for horror movies just so it would stay on for the whole show ...

''I think it's really important for people to know that you can be sexy at any size, with any colour hair, any colour skin, any sexuality, any gender preference, and I want to challenge that in myself. I want to practice what I preach.''

Kesha has also been experimental with her hair colour and changing it from her trademark blonde has helped her ''redefine'' herself.

She told Allure magazine: ''Historically, I was very attached to my blonde hair. It was a part of my identity. So colouring it and chopping it off has helped me redefine what makes me feel beautiful and sexy and powerful and all the things that I feel, and it's not on any physical attribute.''