Kesha would ''rather die'' than read about herself.

The 'Die Young' hitmaker- who is currently in the middle of a North American tour with Pitbull - hates seeing stories about her wild antics, because they leave her embarrassed.

Speaking in an interview with Canada's Entertainment Tonight TV show, she said: ''I'd rather die [than read stuff about myself].''

The 26-year-old singer has her own MTV show, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' - which recently showed her drinking her own urine - and she insists the show documents the ''drama, madness and euphoria'' of her professional and personal life, without a script.

She explained: ''My [show] is too real. There's not one moment on the show that's been scripted or fake. It's just my life. It's b**ls out.''

The controversial starlet - born Kesha Rose Sebert - is known for her wild antics and use of glitter but says the idea that she is always partying and drunk is a misconception.

She said: ''People do expect me to be drunk most hours of everyday. Everybody just thinks I'm drunk because I act drunk.''