Kesha ''almost died'' after suffering from self-doubt.

The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker says a lack of self-confidence can send someone into a spiral of negative feelings and admits it it something that nearly happened to her in the past.

She said: ''If you feel a certain way about yourself, your body - it can kill you. I almost died. I came closer than I ever knew. By the time I entered rehab, they were surprised I hadn't had a stroke - because I hadn't consumed enough. I'm not ashamed anymore. It's emotional because it's a deep-rooted disease. It can really affect your self-worth.''

And the 30-year-old singer tries to avoid reading negative comments about herself online but admits it is difficult to avoid them.

Speaking at Refinery 29's Reclaiming the Internet SXSW talk, she added: ''I try to limit myself in terms of reading comments because there can be a million positive ones, but I always gravitate towards the one negative one. I hold on to that and I internalise it and I know it's an unhealthy habit. I've stopped reading comments.

''I was making trolls, I was making bullies, I was making people I had never met before - who were projecting their insecurities on me, on the internet - I was making them the truth, the higher power.''

Meanwhile, Kesha previously vowed to be ''less obsessed'' with social media this year.

She wrote: ''I'm sorry to those who I unfollowed this new year I have decided to attempt to be more present in my real life. I need a break from the screens. I really need focus on how I FEEL and AM on the inside. I really hope I haven't hurt any feelings and I cherish my fans more than anything in the world, this doesn't change that animals. this year I have to focus on my spiritual self I hope y'all understand. much love.(sic).''