Ke$ha wants to date a Scotsman.

The 'Die Young' singer is never short of male attention but dreams of dating a bearded Scottish hunk because she loves their accent and traditional dress.

In her new documentary TV series 'My Crazy Beautiful Life', Ke$ha reveals: ''I want a Scottish man. I want to fondle him under his kilt.''

The glitter obsessive will start her North American Tour 2013 with Pitbull later this month and in the documentary says she will find it ''bittersweet'' returning to perform in her home city, because it always reminds her of her first love.

She explained: ''Los Angeles is where it all started. It's bittersweet coming back to all the things I left behind to chase my dreams, including the love of my life, Harold. I've fallen in love since, but nothing compares to your first love.''

Although the 26-year-old singer was left heartbroken by Harold she hasn't been put off falling in love again as it inspires great songs.

She added: ''When we broke up, I couldn't even walk up the stairs. I just laid on the floor and cried. I know that falling in love is dangerous, but it's what most great songs are written about.''

'My Crazy Beautiful Life' airs tonight (08.05.13) at 10pm on MTV.